Cómo se Dice… 

I’m not sure what’s more difficult – learning to drive on the left side of the road, or learning Spanish. Apologies to Senor Mason, Ms Monarez and every other Spanish teach I have had. In theory 3 years of high school Spanish should amount to more than this fragmented vocabulary and parsed phrases. But then again, 5 years of piano only left me with the beginning to Fur Elise and the keys to Still Dre. 

International flights are seriously the best. Auckland to Buenos Aires was no LA to Sydney, but still awesome. The assortment of Oscar nominated films, the meals and the free drinks, but really the free drinks. It’s really the only way to survive 12 hours in a tight space. When you wake up in the middle of the flight to use the restroom, treat yoself to a glass of red! ¿¿Porque no??

After about a month in Australia and NZ, mostly NZ, I find myself in quite a new environment. South America. Still not sure how my route makes sense, but I think it’s working out just right. My only goal now that I am here is to spend as much time as possible in Patagonia before winter freezes me out. But first, 5 days in Buenos Aires. 

Buenos Aires is absolutely incredible. Next to Paris, it is my favorite international city. But nobody messes with Paris. The city is vibrant, colorful, always awake, the people are beautiful and the food is amazing. This goes for the more upscale Palermo and Recoleta, but also San Telmo, Montserrat. The only district that felt exploited was La Boca – a historically poor neighborhood where during the day tourists come to take pictures of colorful houses, but at night it returns to its poverty stricken self. Pretty sad, but I would have loved to see a Boca Juniors soccer match there. To be fair we didn’t even see the colorful buildings. As with most of the trip, planning had come s cone to doing. So we walked towards the stadium expecting to find the tourist attraction. Reality put us in the center of the part of the neighborhood where gringos look like they are wearing reflective clothing in the middle of the night, even midday. No harm no foul though. 

Definitely the best parts of BA for me were the people and food. Mainly the food forreal though. Putting my crohns gut to the test I took on everything the city had to offer. My favorite bite being a bife sandwhich at desnival – thanks for the rec Sam! Of course I had to return the next day for a empanada. Followed by some ice cream down the block for that late afternoon sweet craving.  Before and After: 

Less than a week there was not enough, and I definitely would not rule out a return soon. 

This blog’s featured dude/dudette is my new bud for life Manouel. Heralding from the French island of Guadaloupe, Manouel is on a far too similar adventure as another engineer who quite is job in sustainabile energy to venture off into Australia, New Zealand and South America. Fate put the two of us together fresh off a bus to downtown Buenos Aires from the Airport. Unaware that we had both taken the same flight from New Zealand, we both found ourselves in the heart of BA having no idea where to go. Acknowledging that neither of us weren’t complete weirdos we set off in search of shelter. After a quick stop at a hostel I supposedly had a reservation at, but apparently not really, we found a ‘good enough’ situation in the Recoleta district. Quickly becoming buds it was clear we were a travel mates for the week. A man with a good taste for wine at any hour, chess in the park and an up for anything attitude, Manouel was the best dude I could have hoped for upon arrival in South America. 

Manouel is now off in Argentina, following a deviating loss in chess, traveling with family before hitting the road on two wheels for an extended bike trip. Likely, this was not the last he’s seen of me.

Poor tired Manouel 

My time in Buenos Aires was too short, but filled with food, friends, friends of friends, walking everywhere and sitting in as many parks as possible. While I don’t think my immune system was too appreciative of the change between the healthy New Zealand environment and the something quite different environment in Buenos Aires, I had the best of times. Highly recommend visiting if an option. Some pics of people food and places 🙂

I am off to El Calafate before entering Torres del Paine. (Actually I am back from a week down in the park, but am delayed in finishing this post) Expect a very meaty next post. I mean, not like literally meaty because I’ve eaten a lot less meat since BA, but you know, lengthy and obviously really good. 


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