Earth, Wind and Fired

For any future employers reading this, I feel the need to clarify that I was not in fact fired, but left on my own accord under the best terms possible. In fact the entire company pleaded that I not leave, even going so far as to offer naming the company in my name. For anyone at said company, just go with it.

I have no intentions for this blog, other than to chirp in along this adventure here and there when inspiration strikes, or I’m so bored that I feel the need to publish my thoughts. I can’t guarantee anything interesting, nor rule out the occasional pedantic rant when I’ve had too much time to think. I will try to be genuine, although I’m sure I will look back on this in 5 years asking ‘what the fuck was I talking about?’ There will be no rundowns on what I ate for breakfast, lunch or dinner, or how many bowel movements I had on a given day. Unless it is of particular interest to share. For the record, today was: awesome pancakes my host made for me, a ham and cheese croissant, rice and veggies, and 2. 

Why am I traveling? Because it’s about god damn time. Recent weeks of back pain from poor posture at my desk only reaffirmed this intention. A coworker of mine always had a picture of a man sitting with proper posture as his background. I think everyone should do this. It’s impossible to see that and not correct yourself. Unfortunately this was my background:

The general motivation is that I’ve worked as long as I could, and now need to take some time for adventure. I’m throwing caution in the wind – sorta. I’m quite fortunate to have a soft landing pad at home in the east bay and a college degree if I piss away all my cash and end up on my ass at some point. So here’s to taking advantage of what I’m so lucky to have. Also here’s all the gear I have, that somehow got stuffed into a single pack. 

The general intention is to spend about a month backpacking around Australia and New Zealand – mostly New Zealand, then head to South America for about 4-5 months before finding a job down there or returning home. I likely need to reassess spending if I will make it that far. Turns out Australia and New Zealand seriously ain’t cheap! Why am I going to these places? Because some cool older cats did it back in the day and I’ve had my heart set on it ever since. Also 180 Degrees South. It recently occurred to me that I’m chasing winter… you dummy!

Tonight is my first night in a hostel thanks to some seriously generous friends of friends. Like this gal Caitlin Platt with some rad art to peep at 


At this sweet spot here outside of Christchurch: 

I cannot thank y’all enough! I’m so fortunate to have amazing friends. Because if they weren’t so friggin awesome, these friends of theirs wouldn’t have taken me into their home. My network around the world is so much broader than I ever knew. Love y’all. I hope I can return the favor. I find myself over a week in and somehow in Wanaka, New Zealand gearing up for a 4 day tramp in the mountains. 

UPDATE: I didn’t post this before we left. We survived. Here’s a sneak peak: 

K byyyeeee


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